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10 Harsh Truths About Corporate Websites

Posted On February 12th, 2009 Author Kyle Racki Filed Under Business Development,

Great article on Smashing Magazine, written by one of my favorite web design speakers/authors, Paul Boag. He explains why corporate websites are not always as good as they could be, listing the following reasons:

1. You Need A Separate Web Division
2. Managing Your Website Is A Full-Time Job
3. Periodic Redesign Is Not Enough
4. Your Website Cannot Appeal To Everyone
5. You Are Wasting Money On Social Networking
6. Your Website Is Not All About You
7. You’re Not Getting Value From Your Web Team
8. Design By Committee Brings Death
9. A CMS Is Not A Silver Bullet
10. You Have Too Much Content

While seemingly negative, Paul always has a tongue in cheek way of writing that gets the idea out in a laid back manner. Definitely worth reading for companies that tend to neglect their website, and re-design/build every few years to make up for it.

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