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Developer Wanted

Posted On January 18th, 2012 Author Kyle Racki Filed Under News,

We're looking for an awesome web developer to join our team.

You are an intermediate to advanced developer with at least two years in the professional field. You are experienced building everything from basic CMS sites to robust web and mobile applications.

You write in PHP, advanced MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and know OOP and MVC concepts inside and out. Ideally, you work in a framework like CodeIgniter. You use source control like GIT and Subversion. You can work within a team environment with other designers, strategists and front-end developers. You can closely follow instructions from our lead designer/strategist and our director of technology, but you can also innovate some intensely creative solutions when the need arises.

Applicants should apply using our contact form and list their qualifications and experience within the body of the email. Successful applicants will be emailed to request an interview.

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