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We’ve had a makeover!

Posted On August 23rd, 2011 Author Amy Wheaton Filed Under Branding & Web Design, News,

Over the spring and summer we’ve been busy working on a new Headspace site, which we’re pleased to unveil today. One of the biggest changes is that our new site utilizes responsive design – it’s accessible from smartphones, tablets, computers, wherever users happen to be. We also placed more emphasis on showcasing our work, our team, our process and our tools of choice.

The old saying when it comes to agency and studio websites is “the cobbler’s children have no shoes” – typically, paying client work comes first (and it should!) Our new site has been a work in progress for some time, and everyone on the team has played a role in getting it ready for launch, from design and programming to copywriting and testing. The site was built in ExpressionEngine 2.0. It also makes use of HTML5 elements, CSS3 (that's where most of those fancy shadows, transitions, rounded corners and gradients are coming from) and JQuery for sliders and modal dialogue windows.

Some of the design elements will look familiar from the old headspacedesign.ca, but we’ve implemented a fresh take on our branding and it figures prominently on the…

On the move

Posted On April 15th, 2011 Author Amy Wheaton Filed Under News,

At Headspace, we’ve had a busy 2011 so far, with lots of new projects keeping us running full-tilt. We’re about to undertake a big project of our own – we’re moving from our Portland Street location in Dartmouth to an as yet undetermined destination.

Our office lease is up at the end of April, and after lots of deliberation and discussion, we’ve decided not to renew. There are a few reasons for this. As anyone who does business or spends a lot of time in downtown Dartmouth knows, free parking is not a luxury we enjoy, and running around the block to move our cars every two hours to avoid the ever-so-diligent meter maids isn’t the best use of anybody’s time – staff or clients. Plus, our office space is small and our team has grown out of our current digs.

So what’s next? Well, if you’re a client, no need to worry about any interruptions in service or productivity. We’ll still be working seamlessly as a team, using regular meetings and constant communication through Skype and good old-fashioned phone calls to keep up-to-date and keep work flowing. We will be able to meet with clients at their…

Online Communities and Wet Firewood

Posted On November 3rd, 2010 Author Kyle Racki Filed Under Internet Marketing, News,

Most business owners know that the internet opens up a lot of marketing potential, and that harnessing the power of the web, and specifically social media, is important to staying relevant. However, many entrepreneurs fail in a few key areas of managing their online presence — particularly when it comes to online communities.

NOTE: This article was published in the October 2010 issue of Business Voice.

It can be very tempting to want a blog or forum on your corporate website. After all, getting customers engaged with your brand is the holy grail of all forms of marketing. Some companies opt to use Facebook or Twitter for their online business communications, avoiding the upfront development fees associated with a custom blog. There’s nothing wrong with either approach, provided you keep the following points in mind:


Too many business owners begin an online community, thinking that simply getting a site built or starting a Facebook page will be all that’s needed. At the beginning they are fired up and excited about it, so they emphatically post their first couple of entries (Usually something akin to “We now have a blog” or “Welcome to our Facebook Page!”) But then life happens,…

Mid-Year Update

Posted On July 13th, 2010 Author Kyle Racki Filed Under News,

Wow, it’s hard to believe we’re mid-way through the year! 2010 has so far been a great year for Headspace as we continue to grow.

It’s been a while since the last post - way too long - so I just wanted to mention to those who still check for updates, that the blog will continue to be updated. The summer is unusually busy, with new project coming in all the time. Part of that has been our newest team member, Amy Wheaton.

Amy joined us from Colour about a month ago as our first official Account Director and has been shining in this role, helping keep our projects on track and help Kevin and me with new business opportunities. We hope our frat house of immature humour and Lord of the Rings references do not drive her away, but so far she seems to be putting up with it fine.

There’s been some new clients on board who we’re really excited about, but I’ll wait until we actually have some work to show in the projects section before I announce who they are. As always, there is some great tourism website’s and marketing initiatives we are working on, but…

Annual Governor’s Conference on Tourism Highlights

Posted On May 18th, 2010 Author Kyle Racki Filed Under News,

Headspace Design was thrilled to participate in the 34th Annual Governor’s Conference on Tourism in Portsmouth, NH this year.

The conference was presented by the NH Travel Council and took place from May 5-7 in the heart of historic downtown at the Sheraton Portsmouth Harborside Hotel and Conference Center. Over 200 participants attended which included New England businesses associated with travel and tourism, the Governor of New Hampshire – John Lynch, Mayor of Portsmouth - Thomas Ferrini, - Key Note Speaker Dennis Snow – author of Unleashing Excellence: The Complete Guide to Ultimate Customer Service and Lessons From the Mouse, Mel Allen – Yankee Magazine Editor, Steve Jermanok and many other industry professionals. This outstanding line up of business professionals, organizers and speakers made this event a true pleasure to attend.

The 3-day conference was kicked off with a fun-filled 2 hour Cinco de Mayo networking Cruise aboard the Isle of Shoals Steamship. We enjoyed a breathtakingly beautiful tour of Portsmouth Harbor out to the Isle of Shoals, made famous by island poet Celia Thaxter.

There is a draw bridge that lifts up to allow the steamship to pass through – to my surprise, as we cruised out…

Why we no longer support Internet Explorer 6

Posted On March 11th, 2010 Author Kyle Racki Filed Under Business Development, News,

Here at Headspace, we have been asked why certain websites do not appear as nicely as they do int IE7 and up, Firefox, or Safari. Here’s why; Since last year, we have been early adopters of the opinion that IE6 should not be supported any longer.

IE6 is a 9 year old legacy browser that is unstable, insecure and does not properly support modern web standards. About 95% of the population do not use IE6 (and unfortunately the 5% that do are often government departments that only upgrade computers about once a decade).

In fact, to emphasize this point, Google announced recently that they are phasing out support for IE6, as is stated in their official blog.

This will speed up IE6’s already rapidly approaching demise.

Our position at Headspace is that all the websites we produce should be accessible in all devices and browsers, and platform independent, which is why we build with web standards as specified by the WC3. Accessibility means that the website functions properly (ie: links can be clicked on, forms can be used, and the text can be read either visually or with an assistive device,…

Year in Review 2009

Posted On January 8th, 2010 Author Kyle Racki Filed Under News,

Well, Headspace now has it’s first official year under our belt. Where did the time go? Actually, I know exactly where it went—designing, developing and marketing for our clients.

Together, Kevin and I have experienced the emotional roller coaster that is running a small business, enjoying the thrill of success, while learning from our failures. But overall, our year was spent developing our client base, building a solid team, and continually improving our individual knowledge and skill-sets so we can service our clients better.

So what is on the horizon for 2010? Regardless of how the current economic climate goes, we will keep plugging away, just like everyone else. There’s a tremendous amount of exciting possibilities gathering already, most of which I can’t talk about yet.

One thing that I can announce is that Headspace is now official partners in MediaBadger, the internet marketing company owned by Giles Crouch and Robert Snell. With them, we are going to be building and extending our own social media web application. We have found that while Social Media is forming an ever-growing presence in the marketing professionals’ arsenal, few have yet really discovered how to wield this…

Headspace Unveils Forever Anne

Posted On December 1st, 2009 Author Kyle Racki Filed Under News,

(Asking the question: “is the little redhead a better role model than Bella Swan of Twilight?”)

Headspace Design was honored to be a presenter for the recent (November 27th) 2009 Tourism Industry Association of PEI (TIAPEI) Annual General Meeting, held at the Confederation Centre for the Arts in beautiful Charlottetown.

The theme of “getting your message out there” was in recognition of the impact that digital marketing and interactive advertising has on all sectors, TIAPEI and Tourism PEI presented comprehensive education and working sessions with key industry leaders. This included the unveiling of the new Forever Anne web site and social media approach which was designed, developed and deployed by Headspace Design and presented the PEI tourism industry by our very own ‘kindred spirit’  (and Forever Anne project Lead) Jennifer Faulkner.

Headspace doing something right in tourism web design

Posted On November 18th, 2009 Author Kyle Racki Filed Under News,

We have received some flattering recognition for two of the tourism websites we designed earlier this year.

One of them, Lunenburg Region has been featured on web50.ca Canada’s Best Web Design. One of the judges said:

“What we like: Attractive look. Great wooden background image. Easy navigation. Nice call to action (”Request Information”) in the main area and all the subpages. Nice, up-to-date events calendar on the homepage. A great site overall.”

This posting has also been covered in the South Shore Now, as proud co-recipients of the award. We created Lunenburg Region to be an information resource for those looking for a unique, rural experience. The website showcases all that there is to do, stay and eat in the area from beaches and arts and crafts to festivals and events.

Web50 is made up of Canadian creative designers, marketing managers and on-line media buyers. Its mandate is to showcase good website design for Canadian companies or by Canadian designers.

Another site we worked on and launched this summer, Signature Attractions of Atlantic Canada, has been listed among the

From Cabot Trail Hospitality to Federal Glitz - Tour d’ Tourism!

Posted On November 6th, 2009 Author Kevin Springer Filed Under Business Development, News,

Within one week, I attended two tourism events, which were extremely informative, inspiring and exceeded my expectations.

Last week, I traveled to the pristine Inverary Resort in beautiful Beddeck (October 28th and 29th) to attended the 5th Annual Tourism Solutions for the Cabot Trail Conference. This terrific event was hosted by Kim Lemky (our client lead in the Cabot Trail Interpretive Panels project), the Cabot Trail Tourism Coordinator.

The first night Kim hosted a Wine and Food Pairing Education Seminar with Taste of Nova Scotia Sommelier, Sean Buckland. By far the best wine pairing I have attended in years as Sean created an interactive environment, was entertaining and had the ability to engage 40+ people for well over an hour, adding witty humour to his unprecedented knowledge of wines and the industry.

The next day the actual Tourism Solutions for the Cabot Trail Conference took place with very informative guest speakers, discussion groups and great food.  Topics ranged from effective signage to the unveiling an extremely successful façade/beautification program in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality, presented by Eileen Lannon Olford, CEO of CBCEDA

One of…

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