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The ExpressionEngine 2 Client Guide is here

Posted On March 8th, 2011 Author Kyle Racki Filed Under Business Development,

Back by popular demand, I am happy to present you with the second edition of the ExpressionEngine client guide. It is an attractive PDF instruction manual that developers can deliver to their clients as a handy reference for basic administrator functions of EE.

The original ExpressionEngine client guide was extremely popular, so I’ve decided to update it with new screenshots and information applicable to ExpressionEngine 2, released in 2010. In addition to supplying the PDF with Headspace branding, there is also the InDesign CS4 file (and CS3 Interchange) with linked images, so you can rebrand it till your heart’s content. I couldn’t include the font files for obvious legal reasons, but it uses mostly Helvetica Neue anyways.

I’ve included references to third party add-ons that I regularly use in almost all of the EE sites that I build. Some of these included Structure, Freeform and SEO Lite to name a few.

Download the ExpressionEngine 2.1 Client Guide

EE2 PDF Guide | ReBrandable InDesign CS4 Files


EE2 Screenshot
EE2 Screenshot
EE2 Screenshot

Table of Contents

What is ExpressionEngine? 3

  • Overview of ExpressionEngine

Logging in 4

  • How ExpressionEngine works 4
  • Your login information 4
  • The control panel home page 4

Creating and Editing Content 5

  • Publishing Entries 5
  • Editing Existing Entries 5
  • Deleting Entries 6
  • Structure Pages 7

Entry View 8

  • Titles 8
  • URL Title 8
  • Custom Fields 8
  • Content Editor 8
  • Content Editor 9
  • Placing images and PDF files in their own custom field 10
  • Placing images and PDF files within text fields 11
  • Multi-relationships 12
  • Tags 12
  • Date 13
  • Structure Pages 13
  • Revisions 14
  • Options 14
  • Categories 15
  • SEO Lite 16

Comments 17

  • Viewing 17
  • Editing 17
  • Deleting 17
  • Banning 17

Multi-lingual sites 18

  • Phrases 18
  • Custom Fields 18

File Manager 19

  • Directories 19
  • Viewing Files (Sorting) 19
  • Editing (Crop, Resize, Rotate) 20

Form Entries 21

  • Entries 21
  • Email Templates 21

Editing your account 22

  • Changing account details 22
  • Customizing your control panel 22

User and Member Access 23

  • Viewing and Editing Members 23
  • Registering new members 23
  • Activating Pending members 23
  • Editing Profiles, changing group 24
  • Banning members 24

Backup and Upgrades 25

  • Backing up your site 25
  • Updating to the latest version 25
  • Development and design changes 25

Under the hood 26

  • Templates 26
  • Modules, Extensions, Plugins 26
  • Other developers 26  
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  • on March 09th, 2011, Danny said...


    Seriously tho, thanks for this Kyle - I’m sure it’ll help a lot of us who are in need of showing our clients something smile

  • on March 09th, 2011, Andy Homan said...

    Holy crap this is amazing! Your generosity is truly inspiring.

  • on March 09th, 2011, Steven Grant said...

    Good job again guys.

    Very useful.

  • on March 09th, 2011, Bjørn Børresen said...

    That’s very nice! Thanks for releasing it for anyone to use grin

  • on March 09th, 2011, Kyle Cotter said...

    Thanks a ton for this! This great resource will certainly be put to good use, at lease for me it will.

  • on March 10th, 2011, Cem Meric said...

    Good work Kyle. Nice and clear to end the user.

  • on March 10th, 2011, Kelly Packer said...

    This has been something I have been meaning to tackle, but haven’t had the time. Seriously, big thanks.

  • on March 10th, 2011, Shawn Maida said...

    Great work Kyle!  Thank you for sharing this with everyone.

  • on March 10th, 2011, Genevieve Sass said...

    This is absolutely stellar! Thanks so much for sharing!

  • on March 10th, 2011, Simon Cox said...

    Thank you - great resource!

  • on March 16th, 2011, Emily Heath said...

    Thanks for posting this - screenshots and contents all looks good but I can’t open the PDF!

    Anyone else had this problem? I’m getting an error message about it being a damaged file when I try to open in Preview or Adobe Acrobat.

  • on March 16th, 2011, Kyle Racki said...

    @Emily - I’ve never heard of anyone having that problem and it opens fine for me.

    Do you have the latest version of Acrobat? If you’re on Mac, can you open it in Preview?

  • on March 21st, 2011, Steven Hambleton said...

    Can this be exported to Illustrator or Photoshop?

  • on March 21st, 2011, Emily Heath said...

    Ah, my download was corrupt/incomplete - I’ve just downloaded it again and it is opening just fine. Thanks again!

  • on March 21st, 2011, Kyle Racki said...

    @Steve - InDesign handles multi-page layouts much better than Illustrator or Photoshop, so I wouldn’t recommend using those programs to edit it.

    Also photoshop would rasterize the entire page and make for huge file sizes. InDesign allows for using master page templates and style sheets so you can quickly and easily change the branding of the entire document without needing to go through it page by page.

  • on March 24th, 2011, Kelley said...

    I AM the client and have only received hands on training without being provided a user guide.  After site launch, I will be tasked with the job of creating our own user guide for our company web admins.  This will be a great foundation.  THANK YOU!

  • on April 13th, 2011, Kyle Racki said...

    Thanks for your comments guys. Glad you like it.

  • on May 17th, 2011, David Horn said...

    This is wonderful - many thanks for sharing.  Inspiring generosity of spirit.

  • on May 29th, 2011, PXLated said...

    Very Nice !!!!!

  • on March 26th, 2012, Alissa J. Robinson said...

    This is really appreciated - it’s very generous of you to create something like this and share it with everyone. I happily modified your EE1 guide, and am thrilled to see you’ve created one for EE2. You have just saved me half a days work. Thank you a million times!

  • on May 09th, 2012, Autumn-Lynn Harrison said...

    We are a small non-profit association with CMS users distributed all over the world.  We’re launching an EE site soon and I just can’t thank you enough for this outstanding resource.  The re-brandable InDesign file is a thoughtful and appreciated addition.  Thank you!

  • on May 18th, 2012, nigel said...

    Well have to thank you on your generosity. This is one small tool that adds volumes to customer service.

  • on August 22nd, 2012, Phil said...

    Amazing job.This will give my documentation foundation a great start.

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